11 Months of Love

It’s been awhile again since I’ve written, but a quick update. First off, go Wings, 1-0 agains Colorado for the Western finals in the Stanley Cup playoffs!! Hell Yeah!! Anyways its been 11 wonderful months with Sarah. I can’t fruckin believe it!! I love it!! And it’s only getting better!! I feel so right with her, everything just falls into place!! I love you lots babe! Exactly one year ago tonight was the nite I met Sarah, at that crazy party at Chris’s house!! Damn does time ever fly by fast! Not to get to gushy last friday was quite the interesting one. As I was going to class at 8am I happend to pass by a Ferrari 355 F1 Spyder! Fuck ya!! That’s what I said. It appeared that my school had some car show outside in the front. So later that afternoon I decided to take some pictures of my new car Click here to take a peak at this bad ass car!! Anyways nothings been quite new. Schools coming down to the wire. Can’t wait til the summer!! It’s going be bad ass!! Ayite I better get goin have this stupid ISS critical book review to write by tomorrow! Peace!! I love you with everything I got Sarah, you’re the best!!


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