Casino Nite

Well as I told you last friday I went to the Sarnia Casino in Canada. Just PJ and I went cuz no 1 else could go. It was quite fun. I made $150 americano dollars. I was hot at 3 carded poker. I hit a few on the slots too. Anyways this weekend wasn’t xactly the greatest. I didn’t see sarah much of any of the days. Friday we hung out for like an hour or so and not even an hour on Saturday. Actually on Saturday nite I bowled at a fundraiser to raise money to find a little boy. Click here to see what the little boy and his father look like. If you no anything about this, please call or email me at Well anyways Sunday I slept quite well! And hung out with Sarah for awhile. The school week so far has been quite full. Had 2 exams and 2 quizzes, but after tomorrow I’ll b done, hell yeah! Oh and believe it or not after all the struggling in Java 2 I’m passing with an 86!! I was so surprised! Well this weekend should be fun. Sarah and I are going out 2 eat friday nite and prolly watch a movie after. I’m excited. I love spending time with her! I gotta get back to studying I have a big Social Science exam tomorrow that I need to study for, so I’ll be back later!! Good luck to me. damn.


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