Half-way through

Well this would mark the half way point of term 2 here at good ol’ Kettering. I had a few mid-term exams this week. It’s been quite crazy. Anyways over that last week I’ve had quite some fun. Last wednesday nite a bunch of us went bowling. They have this thing called quarter nite where everything’s a quarter (games, shoes, popcorn, soda, hotdogs…) It was awesome. I bowled a couple good games of about 140, thats damn good for me. Thursday was even better. Ayite first off the pikes(Pi Kappa Alpha) had their final pledge nite task to guard a bulldog outside of our school in which they painted their colors. See we have this bulldog statue that is continuously spray painted on a daily basis. In prevention from this statue to be re-painted the pikes camped out all nite to guard it. Well a good 20-25 of us dormies decided that we were going to plan an attack on them to ruin their guard. We were going to pour paint over the dog to change it’s colors. We put latex paint in water balloons to throw at the dog. First we were goin to distract them with water balloons then have someone run by the dog and pour buckets of paint on it and others would throw paint balloons at it. Also there was about 5 guys with paint ball guns that we also going to change the colors of the dog. Well it didn’t exactly happen as we planned. The pikes were a little to serious about it. They have golf clubs, hockey sticks, golf balls, and stun guns. More than half of our group backed out. Later that nite around 3am 8 of us guys went back out. This time we hid in a courtyard by the dorms while 2 guys went out to throw a couple of balloons at them. When they threw them the pikes came running after them. Our two guys led them into the courtyard where the 6 of us were when they got there we jumped out of our hidden spots and starting throwing any balloons we had. It was nuts. Then we all fleed. One of the guys got caught up and wasn’t able to escape. Eventually he did get free. It was a crazy nite. One you just had to be there. Anyways Friday I went and visited my co-op. They got those newsletters that I’ve been working on finalized. They came out quite well. You can check the web version of them by clicking here. I wrote majority of these articles and did all the graphics and layout for it. So far this week I haven’t done much. Over the past weekend I worked Saturday morning and hung out with Sarah for the rest of the weekend. She’s so awesome, I don’t think I could ever stress that enough. I love her!! Next weekend I won’t be able to see her that much. PJ’s been quite down in the shitters after losing his girl Karrie. He’s a wreck. And I don’t think Karrie realizes how much she really means to him. Lately she’s been hangin out with this Al dude, who I’m to fond of, but not much I can do about it. Well Friday nite PJ and I and a couple of friends are going to casino Windsor. Maybe we’ll win big. Then Saturday Sarah has a wedding most of the day. So I won’t be seeing much of her. It’ll suck, I don’t see her all week and now this weekend I wont see much of her either, but it’ll be fine. It’s just getting closer and closer to the summer. Hell ya!! Well I best be getting back to work.(school work) I got a hell of a lot of shit to do. Anyways talks to ya’s later.


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