It’s been awhile

Well I haven’t written in my journal in over 2 weeks, sorry man, been really busy. I’ve had this really crazy program that I had to write over the past days really hard. Anyways lemme see 2 weekends ago I celebrated my birthday with Sarah and then we went to Brian’s to chill in his hot tub. Later that nite we had a fire at Rachels; quite fun. Then back at school was boring, been a long week or so. But last weekend I seen my family after they finally got back from florida. Damn them! They brought home 2 lizards and a love bird. Crazy. Again last weekend we went to Brian’s. I lost my wallet there, was kinda scared. I really needed it, but alls good we got it. Umm, oh you can check out my site now…Click here It’s been upgraded to Flash. Pretty sweet! Over the past week, I’ve busy with school, it’s rough. Today is a much lighter day anyways. Oh and today is Sarah and I’s 10 month! Hell ya. Couldn’t be any happier!! I love you, Sarah! Tonite we’re gonna be playing a game of Dirty Minds. It should be interesting. Last nite we had to dress-up our R.A. as ugly as we can so our unit went out and bought a bunch of freaky shit from Prescilla’s. It was funny. He had to we these panties that lit up at the crouch and a full body condom, makeup, and the funniest was the 2 foot long penis he had to hold and drink out of. We won all the categories at the contest. It was sweet. This weekend I’m not too sure of what we’re gonna do, but I’m sure it’ll be fun. Tomo I have to work, but that shouldn’t be so bad. Ahh i dunno what else to say. Its been a while since I wrote. I guess I just leave all this at that. I’ll try to keep on top of things next time. DAMN!


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