19 years and happy!

Hey it’s my 19th birthday today!! Anyways nothing really happening. I had classes today. My family is in Florida and Sarah is Toronto so I’m just going to hang out at my school today. Oh yeah I’m back at school. I moved back up to school last weekend on Easter. Lets see last weekend I had people and we just all hung out. Not much of anything. Sunday I spent the day with Sarah, since my family was in Florida for Easter. It was a great Easter too, thanks babe. Monday I started classes up again. I hope this term goes better than the last. I think it will too. Over the past few days I’ve just been getting settled in. I miss Sarah. It’s hard not seeing your g/f as much as you usually do. But I will be ayite. Tomorrow I will be going home and I’ll see my baby. I sure wish I could be in Florida with the rest of my family, but heh, what can I do?!! DAMN!! Oh tonite is Sex Jeopardy at school. A chance to win some more free condoms!! WooHoo!! Anyways I better go find something fun today cuz it’s my b-day and I’m supposed to do sumptin well I’m out. Oh happy birthday to Ian, he’s 19 today 2!! Peace!!

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Yes, it is hard not seeing u as much! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I LOVE YOU!

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