Archive: May 2002

Memorial Day (extended weekend)

Well Memorial weekend just past by, a good one too. We had a four day weekend for school. Friday Sarah and I just hung out that nite, took it easy. Not a whole lot to do. Saturday I went up to Port Austin with my family. It wasn’t so great. It rained the whole damn time. Still had a lil fun though. Sunday was a lil nicer. It got warm outside. Oh and remember when I told you about the lil boy who was taken away by his father, well Saturday nite he was found in Pensacola, Florida. It was great to find that out. On the other hand the Red Wings haven’t been doin so great. Losing the series rite now 3-2 to Colorado. Damn then Av’s!! Sunday afternoon we went to Sarah’s grandma’s for a BBQ. Later that nite we(Sarah and I) hung out at Shannon’s house for a fire. Monday morning Sarah marched in the Sterling Heights memorial day parade. Later after that we went to a memorial day BBQ at her house. Soon later I played hockey at Borden park in Rochester Hills. It’s awesome. My skates weren’t all that great so I fixed them up. I played again today and it was much better!! Also yesterday we went to Stoney Creek Park to go swimmin, damn was the water cold. Fun afternoon though. Today I slept in well and then took Sarah out to lunch. She took a half day to go to the eye doctor. So in the mean time I cleaned up my car completely, took out all the subs and neon lights making it ready for sale. I can’t wait to sell it, I really want a new car. So buy it from me!! I’ll update you with some pictures. Anyways I just spent the nite with Sarah watching the Mole 2 and enjoy the company of her by my side. I left around 10:30 and now I’m here back at school. But this weeks going to be quick. Only 3 lil days!! Oh and my cousin, Julie’s wedding is this friday. Should be cool. I’m out, time to sleep!! School tomo, ugh!! Peace!

11 Months of Love

It’s been awhile again since I’ve written, but a quick update. First off, go Wings, 1-0 agains Colorado for the Western finals in the Stanley Cup playoffs!! Hell Yeah!! Anyways its been 11 wonderful months with Sarah. I can’t fruckin believe it!! I love it!! And it’s only getting better!! I feel so right with her, everything just falls into place!! I love you lots babe! Exactly one year ago tonight was the nite I met Sarah, at that crazy party at Chris’s house!! Damn does time ever fly by fast! Not to get to gushy last friday was quite the interesting one. As I was going to class at 8am I happend to pass by a Ferrari 355 F1 Spyder! Fuck ya!! That’s what I said. It appeared that my school had some car show outside in the front. So later that afternoon I decided to take some pictures of my new car Click here to take a peak at this bad ass car!! Anyways nothings been quite new. Schools coming down to the wire. Can’t wait til the summer!! It’s going be bad ass!! Ayite I better get goin have this stupid ISS critical book review to write by tomorrow! Peace!! I love you with everything I got Sarah, you’re the best!!

Casino Nite

Well as I told you last friday I went to the Sarnia Casino in Canada. Just PJ and I went cuz no 1 else could go. It was quite fun. I made $150 americano dollars. I was hot at 3 carded poker. I hit a few on the slots too. Anyways this weekend wasn’t xactly the greatest. I didn’t see sarah much of any of the days. Friday we hung out for like an hour or so and not even an hour on Saturday. Actually on Saturday nite I bowled at a fundraiser to raise money to find a little boy. Click here to see what the little boy and his father look like. If you no anything about this, please call or email me at Well anyways Sunday I slept quite well! And hung out with Sarah for awhile. The school week so far has been quite full. Had 2 exams and 2 quizzes, but after tomorrow I’ll b done, hell yeah! Oh and believe it or not after all the struggling in Java 2 I’m passing with an 86!! I was so surprised! Well this weekend should be fun. Sarah and I are going out 2 eat friday nite and prolly watch a movie after. I’m excited. I love spending time with her! I gotta get back to studying I have a big Social Science exam tomorrow that I need to study for, so I’ll be back later!! Good luck to me. damn.