Month: May 2002

Memorial Day (extended weekend)

Well Memorial weekend just past by, a good one too. We had a four day weekend for school. Friday Sarah and I just hung out that nite, took it easy. Not a whole lot to do. Saturday I went up to Port Austin with my family. It wasn’t so great. It rained the whole damn […]

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11 Months of Love

It’s been awhile again since I’ve written, but a quick update. First off, go Wings, 1-0 agains Colorado for the Western finals in the Stanley Cup playoffs!! Hell Yeah!! Anyways its been 11 wonderful months with Sarah. I can’t fruckin believe it!! I love it!! And it’s only getting better!! I feel so right with […]

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Casino Nite

Well as I told you last friday I went to the Sarnia Casino in Canada. Just PJ and I went cuz no 1 else could go. It was quite fun. I made $150 americano dollars. I was hot at 3 carded poker. I hit a few on the slots too. Anyways this weekend wasn’t xactly […]

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