Month: October 2005

Lotsa school and Central halloweekend

Woot! This past weekend we spent up at Central Mich for a fantastical Halloweekend party at Nikki’s. Plenty of loaded fun. I went with Danko (Beer Keg), Sarah (Playboy bunny), Scott (Hillbilly), Natalie (Dark Angel). I was a vampire. Umm we spent most of the night drinking there, then after some dumb asses decided to […]

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Emery was effin amazing!

Just got back from the Emery concert. It was fucking awesome, mega mega awesome!! They put on such a phenomenal show. I would upload pix if I had some but some stupid bitch made me put my camera back in my car, since when can you not have a camera at a concert? WTF?! FUKKAR!! […]

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Last year of college begins

So its now been 4 complete years of college and I’ve not started my 5th and hopefully final year. It’s amazing how fast time goes by. I know its been a while since I’ve updated so here I am. I didn’t have internet all of last week (deprived, yeah, I know, I felt lost without […]

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