Lotsa school and Central halloweekend


This past weekend we spent up at Central Mich for a fantastical Halloweekend party at Nikki’s. Plenty of loaded fun. I went with Danko (Beer Keg), Sarah (Playboy bunny), Scott (Hillbilly), Natalie (Dark Angel). I was a vampire. Umm we spent most of the night drinking there, then after some dumb asses decided to ring doorbells to the neighbors house and solicit sex the cops came. Well you know that effect, everyone leaves. So basically the party died down a bit after that. Later that night we drove out to Northwood to stay the night at Mike’s pad. It was overall a great weekend. All pictures are at anthonypix.com Here’s a pic of me in my costume…

The previous weekend we spent at my grandpa’s place up in Cedar. If only I had my camera I could post some of the most spectatular foilage photos every. The colors are just amazing!! Two great weekends in a row and the fun is just gonna keep coming. I’m getting excited for this winter, I can’t wait to go boarding! I seen the snow in Boston and I got hype.

So I got some more big news to tell you. Well I can’t tell you much right now but over the past month or so I’ve developed this concept for a new web site. So just recently its started to take its ground breaking moves. I’ve very recently collaborated with Nikki (angelbaby1206)whom has overly accepted to join in on this venture. I’m sure you may all be curious about this project, so goto



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