Snowboarding soon and ahh school

Week 6 already. Man does the time go quickly. Only 5 more weeks left of school til winter break. And of course the much awaited snowboardin season 2. I’ve seriously become addicted!

This past weekend was a busy weekend I didn’t even know I had. Friday was the Stevenson/Dakota playoff game 2. It was much disappointed as the undefeated Titans lost to a huge upset again Dakota. Ugh!! So Natalie, Danko, Jess, and I went to Natalie’s bought some beer and chilled in the hot tub. Saturday I went shopping with Natalie in the morning and then after to my cousin Paul’s confirmation. Sunday was my grandma’s 70th birthday party at my house. Very full weekend. As will the rest will be for the next monthish.

Over the past 6-8months of concerts I’ve collected stickers that would go good on my board. Well this weekend I got my last few stickers that I wanted and well my board is nearly complete. (If anyone knows how or where I could get a Chiodos black sticker let me know, I need it) So here’s my board now, all band art covered up….

This weekend is Cider Mill time and soon other things…

And do NOT forget about

I know the secret is prolly killing many, but I promise you it’ll be worth the wait, just hold your lil frog feets before taking the big leap!!
The email address that you put will be sent an email when the site is released to let you know, its not there to email farm, spam, or and unnecessary things people have accused me of, I promise you. I’m just collecting emails to share the site out to people when I release it publicly!!


papayomomma says:

i have a stack of chiodos black stickers that i would be willing to let go for 10 bucks a piece…

admin says:

how about I’ll take one off of yur hand for the transfer of the I Am Ghost mp3’s……

I’m sorry but you’re on my lj friends and I’m so trying to figure out who you are.

Anonymous says:

OMG that was sooo awesome & adorable!!
I love proposals/weddings.

Congrats to your cousin 🙂
Have a good new year!!

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