4 Months In Time

I wish I could write in this thing like I use to. I use to use this thing all the time. Livejournal “used” to be one of my most visited and famous sites. I “used” to have all these friends on it and I “used” to write journal entries, comment in others journals and well read about everyone else’s posts. Over time I have shifted away from this site leading me to new endeavors.

I’ve documented nearly 6 years of my life on LiveJournal, that’s nearly 1/4 of my life as of today! In time I have been very busy and frankly forgot that this even still existed. Well hopefully in return to good news I would like to start writing in here again.

Over the past few months so much has happened that I will have to leave it to obscurity. I don’t have time to redocument the past 4 months, but it helps to summarize.

In October, from what I can remember the most is Natalie and I, along with Mariano, Kellie, Zack, and Jordan spent a weekend at Cedar Point for Halloweekends. It was great, finally rode Top Thrill Dragster and loved it! School kept me busy for the whole summer up until I nearly finished. I ended up having to take my final 2 classes from Oct-Dec. As of October I started a new job. That is correct, after 5 years at the dealership I have left it to start working for an internet marketing firm, Profitable Results Marketing.

I honestly can’t remember to much from november other than that it was Thanksgiving and I ran the Turkey Trot for the 3rd year in a row. I also sat outside of Best Buy, as we do annually. This year I got a 22″ LCD monitor!

In December I finished up my school and I can finally say that I am a Kettering University graduate! I got my bachelors degree in Computer Science with a minor in Business Management. Also in early December I had my first internet marketing seminar down in Detroit at the Rennaissance Center. That was pretty cool. During that weekend (Dec 1st) Mariano and I also met up with Nick and Matt and went to the MAC division championship game where Central Michigan won against some Ohio team. For Christmas we had it at my cousins Matt’s house. After Christmas we spent a few days at my grandpa’s place up in Cedar.

Happy New Year was great. Natalie and I went to a hall party for her uncle’s band’s first annual new year bash. Later that night we ended up at Nick and Jenny’s place for a follow up party. Michigan sucked at the bowl game, no more comments there. After we got back we spent an extended weekend at Boyne for some snowboarding. It actually kinda sucked b/c there was no snow! Believe it or not we originally had a trip planned to Blue Mountain, but had to cancel due to no snow! I’ve found time otherwise since then to snowboard, but damn do I miss that trip!! And in mid January I got the much anticipated Nintendo Wii! This is probably one of the funnest video game systems I’ve ever played! I love it! Hell yes. Also, now that I’ve finished schooling I’ve gotten a gym membership at Fitness 19 with Nick, Matt, Brad, and Nate. I’m really trying hard to work on getting myself back in shape for the summer! Also in January, due to the success of last year’s whitewater rafting trip I’ve conceived a trip for the masses. I’ve create a trip I call The Wakka.

The Wakka entails a lot and I encourage you to read more at www.thewakka.com . I’m really looking forward to this year’s Wakka festivities. January has been a hectic month, but I finally feel like my life is in order and I can’t wait to see where 2007 takes me. I think that it will be a big year!

So far this month I’ve been doing the regulars, work, and working out. On the weekends I’ve devoted much of my time to my new favorite passtime….snowboarding. Since the season has been so short I’ve been trying to go out for as much as I can. I’ve strongly learned how to jump and I’m getting higher and higher, with more confidence. For Valentine’s day last week I took Natalie, along with Nick and Jenny to Macaroni Grill for dinner. We also exchanged gifts where Natalie bought me Trauma Center:Second Opinion for my Wii. It’s actually a pretty sweet, hard, but sweet game.

As of now work as slowed me down and I haven’t been up to much. Today has bee quite a mundane day, nothing much to do. I’ll prolly goto the gym around 5 and call it an evening.

In the past month I’ve signed up for the Blockbuster Total Access pass, man have I rented alot of movies lately! It’s sweet tho.

My biggest project I’ve spent time on has been TheWakka.com. This trip has become legendary and when I set it up for 96 people I never realized how fast it would fill up! I have people left and right asking to join when I only have limited seating! This trip is going to be amazing as it has been in the past and I can only share with people some small insight into what is much more when you actually experience it! If you haven’t signed up for the Wakka signup and you will be either notified of an opening or given information for 2008.

I know it’s hard to write a journal entry covering 4 months, but I think, in brief this fills some of the gaps. For a more visual experience in my life visit www.anthonypix.com for photo galleries of many of the events I’ve partaken.

Until the next post…..

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Anonymous says:

I think I had you as a student in pre-k or Kdg. at St. Nicks in Pal. Pk.

I taught Kindergarten and pre-k at St. Nicks in Pal. Park. and I think I had you in my class. I remember your mom’s face very clearly, but of course you have changed so very much. Glad to see you on you tube, you were pretty funny and very comfortable.

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