A whole summer and more

Dating to far back, this summer has been crazy. As you can see its been months, yes, months since I’ve last posted. To recap, I was going to OCC in Auburn Hills, Kettering in Flint, and working in Roseville every day of the week. I really haven’t had much time and its been beyond busy trying to complete things to graduate. Slowly but surely things are coming together and I’m finally near graduation. I finished up my last full semester in September and I only have 2 independent study courses left that will finish in December, in which I will be graduating on December 9th. I seriously have been waiting for this day forever!

As of last Friday, I have completed my time at the dealership. I spent much of my summer working on my final thesis project, which actually was of much success. I am glad, and relieved to have that done. It’s amazing that its been over 5 years since I worked there. Amazing. Yesterday, I started my new job. I am working with my cousin, Mariano’s uncle Jeff. He working with internet research and marketing. It’s definitely a field I’ve wanted to get into and I’m very excited to see where I’ll go from here.

Labor Day weekend was probably one of the awesomest, crazy weekends ever! I organized a whitewater rafting trip to West Virginia with 45 people. We had a blast, went cliff diving, and whitewater rafting. And did we ever drink. Over the course of 3 days we quickly emptied 3 kegs and numerous bottles of liqour. The weekend was great!

If you haven’t seen recently, I’ve made some major upgrades to my picture website. A much more advanced system, AnthonyPix.com is now open and many new features are now available. Make sure to definitely check out ANTHONYPIX.COM!!

Now that I’ve finished up with majority of my schooling and starting a new job I have much to look forward to in the future. This winter Mariano and I plan on snowboarding as many days as we can! It’s gonna be awesome! These holidays are going to be great and I can’t wait. Officially, December 9th, 2006 I will be a graduate of Kettering University! Hell YES!! Life continues to go on….

In the past week a lot has really happened. My roommate Shawn proposed to his girlfriend Jen, as well as my friend Nikki Ferree whom was proposed to from her boyfriend Jon. Everyones growing up and life is beginning, after college. It’s amazing to think that I started this blog right after high school and now five years of college is coming to an end. Wow. On Sunday I was tragically informed that my roommate Jason, his younger brother Kevin, whom also went to Kettering, was in a car accident Saturday night on his way home and did not make it. This came to me in a complete shock, it really opened my eyes and it’s hard to believe that this happened. Shawn, Anoop, and I will be going out to Pickney on Friday for the services. Rest in peace Kevin Henderlong.


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