Almost there!

These past few months have been really busy and what the eff mate, I have been able to update nearly anything in the past 60 or so days. Where have I been, as some of you may ask? Well here’s a quick glimpse back to the past couple months.

Back in May we had continuous Pistons parties, but unfortunately they didn’t want enough and fell to Miami in the Eastern Conference Finals. The Red Wings were out 1st round against Edmonton, and look, the Oilers are now in the Finals. I had a pretty monumental party at my house cooking 80 hot dogs and 80 hamburgers for a awesome kickass BBQ. Some of you may remember the video from that night, if not check it out on here….The great Pistons Party.

Other parties were at Nick and Jennys, and Aaron and Joann’s. Those all were some amazing nights, and I really wish I had my camera to capture them. It sucks. I’ve been eyeing a camera for quite some time and I promised myself I would have it by 4th of July weekend. My new camera to be will be the new Canon Powershot SD630. It’s one amazing camera. By the time I have that I also plan on revamping the old picture website. In with a new camera comes a new website. Stay tuned this summer, its coming.

Memorial Weekend was hectic. Between going back and forth between Port Austin and home (Natalie working dumb hours), we had an awesome weekend. There’s this really cool hidden place hidden on the coast of the lake just west of Port Austin beach. It’s these really cool rocks and cliffs. We climbed them and went in the water. WTF, the water was soooo soo cold! Great weekend though.

This past weekend Natalie and I went with Nick , Jenny, and Matt to a going away party for one of Nick’s friends. My cousin Mario graduated Saturday, so we went to the Palace and then to his house for some food. I can remember when I graduated from there and that was just a few months before I started my LJ. Wow has it been a long time!! Then on Saturday Natalie and I went over her aunt’s house and killed time. Sunday was a lazy day and then out to my ‘ol roommate Anoop’s graduation party. It’s sad to say, but it’s really coming to an end. The college years are fading and now the real world is set to kick in. Crazy eh?

So here I am, when I started this journal I was on the verge to moving away to college for the first time and now this will probably be the last entry I will write will at school. I graduate this September. I do hope to continue writing as the years proceed, I can’t believe I’ve been writing this long already. Crazy. All I have left this semester for Kettering is 2 papers and a final exam on Saturday (7am). Like I said before these past months have been hectic, but I’ve kept content. I’ve been going to night school at OCC Mondays and Wednesdays as I go to my continual day-to-day class at Kettering. This is my last week of that. I only have 4 weeks left at OCC then 2 class over the summer at Kettering to close things out. My thesis has finally been approved and should be finalized sometime in August. Upon graduation I will have a bachelors in science in computer science with a minor concentration on business management.

Job offers have been given, but wanted immediate occupancy, something I can’t give yet. I have given an awesome opportunity that sounds very promising. We will see how things go when it gets to it. Just one step at a time. Just trying to keep things order, a lot is going on.

This summer is going to be very busy, even beyond school, at the end of the summer I’ve devised a great big party vacation for all. I’ve setup a weekend of whitewater rafting in West Virginia. If you are interested check out the website I’ve created for it at I’m so excited for this trip and can not wait much longer til this trip comes.

Some have questioned the future of and I don’t have an answer yet. I’ve explained more about my thoughts on the site itself, if you haven’t already noticed. As for other projects, I’ve fell in love with this project idea, but again haven’t found the time to design it. So for now, much like FF, this site is nothing but a splash page. The new project is titled I think many of you will love this site, when release. Taking my ideas from fantasy to reality requires a lot of time I’m dying to find. I do see them in the future tho, I do promise to deliver.

As for now I plan on getting back to finishing off my semester, write my papers and move home. Again this weekend is going to be another busy one. Graduation parties, and possibly a wedding, we’ll see tho. I’m out now, this is my final LJ post from Kettering University, it’s been a fun and definitely unforgettable 5 years, I thank all of you, not only at Kettering, but other schools (MSU, UofM, EMU, OU, and CMU) for the amazing times we’ve spent, I’m already missing it.

My life has just begun…


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