4 Years!!

I can’t believe its already been 4 years since my journal started. Yup 4 years of my life have been blogged here. It’s crazy to read back at so many memories and times that I’ve had. In those 4 years have been my college years and its sad to say this, but I can feel it coming to an end. I feel like its just about over and the fact that its that close makes me just wanna close the deal and get outta there.

So I bought that Ferrari Lego kit I mentioned in the last posted, I’m overly anxious to get it. I sometimes miss my childhood and this couldn’t be a better way to reunite. This past weekend was ghey. Michigan lost to Notre Dame, again. They shoulda won, but they definitely did not play a good game at all, sad thing I say.

As for this upcoming weekend, not too sure what is up. I only have about 2.523 weeks left til I go back up to school, hopefully my last year. Man do the years fly by.

Happy 4th Birthday to italianst4


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