Labor Day woot

Labor day/weekend was awesome. As I may have mentioned before we drove up to Port Austin for an extended weekend on friday. It was great. Natalie bonged her first beer and needless to say not her last at all…haha! She easily put down 15 bonged beers. With the rest of the family we just drank, walked around from fire to fire, shot after shot, bong after bong. Oh what a weekend it was! The weather was perfect too! Great weekend!

I’m sorry I haven’t update my photo pages lately, I really have been exotically busy lately working on computers and stuff, it’s been getting really hot and heavy. But don’t fret, they will be up soon enough.

So this weekend, well tonight Natalie and I will be joining Aaron and Joann for dinner at Red Lobster and a movie to see 40-year old virgin. Should be a good night. As for tomorrow, not 100% sure what is going on, but Jobbie Nooner has been up in the air. I’ve never been, but from what I’ve heard its beyond nuts and crazy, so we’ll see. If you’re not familiar with Jobbie Nooner check out the website and the pictures of the past years at Looks very interesting.

Only a couple more weeks left and back at school, but its not going to be the same this year. No more apartment 230, no more roommates, its gonna be different. I’m already missing those days, I truely am. Ugh, I just wanna graduate and get the hell outta there!

Browsing the internet and I came across something that I just have to have! It was a By far the coolest Lego kit I’ve ever seen, I just haven’t been able to spit out the $100 for it. I have a feeling I’m going to soon. Lego’s use to be my passion when I was a younging and what better way to reunite my past with my favorite car of all, the Ferrari. Here’s a small glimpse of this beauty:

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allstarchic says:

legos are sweet!! and that car is super sweet too 🙂

<3 Beth

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