4th year ending and goodbye apartment 230

Ok back again at LJ. So I last left off after our white water rafting trip. I’ve been so busy these last 2 weeks. So here’s a quickie update of the pass 2 weeks. 2 weekends ago I decided to have a Piston’s party at my house. It was outta control. I had about 15 people over to watch the game and yes, the Pistons won!! So my buddy Danko brings a few friends and this one girl seen my last name and asked if she knew a Laura, sure enough thats my mom. She then proceeds to tell me that she use to “play with me” when we were younger. What the odds?! (thats a clean play, dirty minded ones) It happens to be that her parents were good friends of my parents and they use to go on trips and stuff before I was born. And she remembers coming over my house way back when we were like 10-11 years old, damness! Haha, Kempisty, craziness. So later that night PJ had a group or should I say a whole party come to my house. It was crazy we turned our granite island into a beer pong table, I had a fire going out in the back yard and yeah, everyone was drunk. My mom comes strolling in around 3am, drunk mind you, and asks what we were doing. So this girl comes up to my mom and is like, “we’re playing beer pong, wanna play?” Yeah, my mom played beer pong with us til sunrise, she played damn good too, surprisingly eh?! It was fun as hell. Sunday was a birthday party for my brother Justin’s 16th birthday! Happy 16th bro!

The week was the usual with mad class and homework and everything else that could possibly go on. School sux, its getting close too. This pass weekend we had a BBQ at Natalie’s house. Good times. I BBQed hot dogs and we had watermelon, chips, ice cream and everything else. I had bought a nice projector from Best Buy with the intent to return it the next day. I just wanted it so that we could watch a movie like a movie theatre, so in Natalie’s basement I setup the projector to a laptop and a nice Bose system and we watched Napoleon Dynamite. I planned on playing the movie outside on her garage door, but it was rainy and stuff and I didn’t want to take the chance of ruining the projector. Sweetness was the nite.

And this week, yes, finals week. I seriously haven’t stopped nearly at all this whole week. It’s been so frickn busy. We had this mad Software Engineering program that we’ve been designing. Yeah, nuts. In the past 72 hours I’ve got at most 7 hours of sleep. Shit’s killin me, I can’t get this stuff outta my mind. I took a shower with the program code sitting on the toilet so that I could come up with new ideas, during dinner I was coding, I fell asleep with the code in hand around 3:30 last nite, but I had my alarm set at 8:30 so I was up again to code. It’s been rough, but the semester is nearly over. We had to demo our program today, hahahaha, it was a wreck. But we still did good on the assignment. After printing it out it was close to 100 pages of code, merely 10,000 lines of code. Damn. So now I’m sitting here after packing up half of my room. It’s really kinda sad. Shawn graduates tomorrow and next year I’ll be living in a house behind the apartments for my last year at Kettering. This is the last of apartment 230, and what an amazing 3 years it has been. Its hard to believe that I won’t be coming back here anymore. And well college is winding down to its end. After 12pm tomorrow I will have completed my 4th year of college and well only 7 classes left to take, just 2 lil semesters.

Ok I gotta get back to packing up my last nite at 230 and study for my last final exam of the semster. Even though its sad to leave school, I’m glad the school part is over. There’s a lot going on this summer and I’m looking forward to what is next. As for now I leave you with the last site of apartment 230 and to always remember the life and times that went on behind this door. It’s been fun, Shawn, Anoop, Jason, and Justin, I’ve more than enjoyed rooming with you. Apt230.


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