Fuck this, I need to just fucking graduate and get the fuck out of this fuckin shit hole. I seriously can’t take it anymore and I need to just pull off 1 more forever fucking year here. BULLSHIT!!

So yeah, my boss fires my only help as a network admin/IT support and adds like 100034509243580943285 more things to fucking do. Yeah so I wrote this list up the day he fired Matt, good fellow friend (FUCK, be glad you’re not here anymore, even tho i miss ya). THis list had about 50 different things that needed to be completed. Well just to let ya know, even though I was doing things on the list, I’d get more calls that would come up and I’d have to do more things. So basically the past 2 weeks I have been mad fuckin crazy everywhere doing a shit load of fucking things. There’s way to much to do here and the turn around time and shit they fucking want out of it isn’t happening. I worked a 46 hour week last week and got bitch at for working overtime, never took lunches b/c I was so fucking busy, cept 1 day they had free chicken shack that I got, but i brought it back to my office. So yeah more bullshit and bullshit.

The 1st day I came back to work for school I gave them my list of days off for the summer since I’m allowed to take 10 paid vacation days in the summer. I gave them 5 days. And well I took 2 of them for 4th of July weekend. Mind you I busted my ass to make sure that everything was going to be ok before I left for my vacation. So I get back from my beautiful fuckin vacation where I wish I fuckin was right now and I’ve been working crazy. I haven’t stopped. (Monday was off for the whole dealership and I took Tuesday off) So yeah I worked Wednesday and Thursday so far this week. Remember that list I told you about? FUCKING DONE! Yeah I did everything that they could possibly fucking think off and caught up with EVERYFUCKINTHING! Yeah BULLSHIT! I worked til 6:30 on Wednesday, and 8:30 last night. But I did everything. Ebay is up to date, I wrote my own fucking script generator for e-FUCKING-bay that works flawless, and I taught 3 guys how to use it, it fucking works. I got all of the followup letters printed, correctly, and up to date, as far as I know all computers are good, because I fixed every FUCKING one of them. On top of all the side projects and bull shit. OH OH OH and the fucking server went down last week and we lost half of our drives. And FUCKING partsmarts isn’t on back up because we have it on disc, and uploading all 7 discs back on the server is a bitch, it doesn’t fucking go without messing up. So I found another resolution that works but takes 6 hours to get 1 discs back online. I’m on disc 6 right now. In the mean time I loaded Partsmarts all everyones computer so they can still use it until I get it back and on the network.

And all the back up tapes are working and are on FUCKIN time. So yeah when I came into work from my vacation on Wednesday I had 23 fucking voicemails!! OH and I fixed EVERY FUCKIN problem on all 23 voicemails. UGHU! So I’ve busted my ass like none fuckin other and I’ve been crazy. So yeah I’ve been feelin good because everything that they wanted done is done. And yesterday I asked if I could leave at 2pm today. The wanna-be-boss told me to ask my boss tomorrow, but she doesnt care. So fine. I get in today, do whatever has come up so far and FUCK, there isnt really anything to do because I did EVERYFUCKINTHING!! FUCKARS! So I went to talk to my boss to ask him about getting a new order of computers because we’re behind date and in August all but 11 of our computers are not under warranty anymore. And then he proceeds to tell me something like this….

Boss: “Well we can’t get new computers because you’re slacking on getting me a list what we have right now.”
Me: “I was just asking if we were gonna do it soon, I was just telling you where we are with it”
Boss: “I had asked you before to get me a list of what we have and you never did so actually you haven’t done anything”
Me: “I can get the list today, its not hard to get”
Boss: “Well you need to get on top of things, you’ve been slow lately, I’ve been giving you high priorities and you’re taking to long to do them”
Me: “I try to do what ever I can when it comes up in the priority that I can, I can’t make everything a high priority”
Boss: “I don’t see what takes you so long to get things done around here”
(Wanna-Be-Boss walks in)
Wanna-Be-Boss (WAB): “Anthony and I were talkn about the back up tapes and he suggested a better way to do them, we could use external hard drives”
Boss: “I dont thing there is anything wrong with our system now, if you guys would remember to change the tapes daily then we wouldn’t have this problem”
Me: “Well I’m not gonna change the tapes if its still going from the day before, it makes no sense”
Boss: “There’s nothing wrong with the system, you just aren’t on top of things around here”
WAB: “Anthony also asked last night if he could leave earlier today”
Boss: “I think that this is a problem. Everytime Anthony isn’t here there is problems and I was very disappointed that you were on vacation for the last 2 days and we have things around here that need attention to. This is why Matt was let go, because nothing gets done around here”
Me: “I don’t think thats a good excuse for letting him go, there’s a lot of shit around here to do and computer issues come up randomly throughout the day and some take a few hours, can’t help that, its how they are. I do as much as I physically possibly can. I think we need someone else”
Boss: “He never did much around here and I know that there is plenty of time to do things around here. And all you ask for is time off, we need you around here and you’re not here, thats not a very good trait of a good employee”
Me: (shaking my head) “I do what I can Wayne and I don’t know what else to say, so…..”
(moment of silence)
WAB: “I have a few things I need to talk about with you”
Boss: “You can go Anthony”
Me: (Just walked away, not one word, so fuckin pissed!!)

Does he not realize how much I fucking do?? Then I get a phone call like 5 mins later from my boss, “You’re not leaving early, I want you here til 5pm” I just hung up. UGH!!

So fuck all this shit and school, could I not be in a worst fucking position right now? Getting paid dick? Schools fucking me over and yet I’m so fucking close.

Seriously the day I leave this place and school I will be the happiest guy evar!! FUCK YOU RCJ and all you dumb ass retardant employees, my days are numbered and so are yours. You’re a drowning shitty runned operation and isnt gonna make it much longer. I don’t really regret things in life, but if I had to, this would prolly be one of them.

Well thats the bullshit right now and ya know what? Do you think I wanna do anything productive? Nope, so I’m watchin Family Guy and fucking around on the internet, if he doesn’t think I’m doing anything around here then why bother.

(on a lighter note)

Happy 20th Birthday Natalie!!

I love you beautiful, and I need you, badly

Can’t wait til 5pm, now, to see you

A larger nicer update is to come soon about the past 2 weeks, I apologize for all this but I needed to get it our and LJ is where I went


Wow im sorry about all the stress at work i would totally hate that! get your shit done with school and get the hell out of that place!

papayomomma says:

*raises fist in the air*
be strong, oh and fuck that job

lol at WAB…. lolol
i’m sorry i slacked and didn’t do shit and got fired.

arromanches says:


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