Awesome summer so far!

Update time, yes its been merely a month since I’ve given a update with what has been happening. I’ll see if I can remember it all….

After coming home from school and finishing my 4th year of college, I can definitely feel things changing. The weekend after (Weekend of the June 26th) we went to Shawn’s for his graduation party. It’s definitely going to be different next year not living with those guys anymore. I just wanna finish school and get the hell outta there. I’m ready now.

4th of July weekend was awesome. Natalie and I drove up Thursday and stayed with my family in Port Austin. Then Saturday, when her family got there we spent some time with them in Caseville. Saturday evening we had a big 4th of July bash BBQ at our place and I DJed it. It went well everyone had a blast. My family is nuts!! Uncle Chris playing the guitar with a broom and Aunt Gina belt out the lyrics to Fred Bear. Oh and Uncle Leo taking his shirt off to Nelly’s Hot In Here. Oh man what a great nite. Sunday was awesome, the weather was great, perfect. Then the 4th of July, Monday it was crumby. They couldn’t do the fireworks that nite so we had to wait til Tuesday nite. Everything was great. Natalie and I stayed for the fireworks Tuesday nite then drove home b/c we both had to work early Wednesday morn. Great weekend.

The next weekend of July 8th was Natalie’s birthday. It was a full weekend again. Friday night we had a bunch of people over my house for her birthday. Everyone came out. Cousins Trisha and friends, Neil and Nikki, Shawn, T and friends, Laura, Nikki F, Jenna F, B-Eady, and a friend, Amanda B (devilplaygirl) and Chris, Sarah (boikbabe) and Mike (mmfr22), and my Sister (siebabyyy) had some friends come out too. We all had plenty to drink. Natalie definitely got the drunk award for her birthday!! LOL it was hilarious, having her put her head between my legs while I faced away from the toilet b/c I didnt wanna watch her puke and she’s just laughing as she pukes and I’m leaving over my back to flush it down the toilet. It was nuts. Then I made her a bed in the bathroom and watched over her til she was sobered a lil to go in to bed. Oh what a night!! She had a great time tho, from what she can remember! Haha! Love you! Happy Birthday!

Saturday when we finally woke up I took her shopping for her birthday, got myself a little something too. After shopping we went to her cousins graduation party. Later that night after the graduation Mike calls me up and is like I’m with yur cousins. I was so confused….anyways, long story short, he’s good friends with my cousin Nick’s other side of the family cousin John and his fiance Lisa. Ironic? Coincidental? Maybe this work is just that damn small!! Its nuts. So we went over John and Lisa’s along with others and just chilled outside. Good times. Sunday was Natalie’s uncle’s band, Hipshot, annual picnic at Riverbend. So much food!! It was a fun day though, really hot outside. Another fun action packed weekend!!

After a few crazy weekends in a row it doesnt stop there. Yes, the weeks are a bit slow and I’m just working about 50 hours a week. It’s really busy and crazy, but it pays the bills. So this weekend……

Friday night Natalie and I went with Sarah and Mike to see Wedding Crashers. Oh man it was great! That movie was hilarious, I’d reccommend all of you to going and seeing it. So funny. Saturday was just a lazy day for half of it. Then later that night was Aaron’s bachelor party. Fun night again. It was like a casino night with porno’s playin on the TV’s. And of course my grandpa was the life of the party. The lines coming out of his mouth was beyond belief. I love my grandpa, he’s such a happy happy guy, loves life with everything! I didn’t do very well, played crapes for most of the nite, lost my money, fuck gambling. I had a good time though. Jeremy, cousin Julie’s husband was powerdrinking, dragged me into that. I couldnt even tell you what I had in shots, oh man, just bout it all from Jacks, Absolut, Cuervo, Captains, Stoly, Hennessy…ugh. I had a good time…hehe.

Sunday was a lil rough waking up to, but I was able to manage. Went with Natalie and her family to the Tigers game as a surprise for her uncle’s 50th birthday. Didn’t work to well, but he was excited to see us all. Man was it hot as hell!! We had a hard time sitting in the sun. Tigers lost….bummer. After the game we were driving home and Joann called me b/c they were having trouble with their new clostes that Natalie helped them get from OL. So we decided to go over there. After a couple hours and a trip to Home Depot all of their closets were up. Awesome! Joann and Aaron cooked Natalie and I dinner. It was good stuff, sausage and breaded steak. After that they treated us out at Coldstone. Man is that ice cream so good. When we got back we popped a movie in and watch Eurotrip. It was an exhusting day and I couldn’t wait to just get home and get some sleep. I’m jealous of Joann and Aaron, I wanna be there!! They just recently moved into there brand new built house and their wedding is 2 weeks away. I’m happy for them. They’re doing well. I can’t wait til I’m at that stage in my life. I’m looking forward to the future!

So after one busy weekend after another I’m sitting here at work and I feel like I’m gonna fall over and pass out. Everything is just coming up so fast! And there’s still so much going on! Next weekend is a dinner date with Joann and Aaron Friday, Then Sunday is Natalie’s ma’s wedding, in which later that nite we’re staying in a hotel. Then the weekend after is Joann and Aaron’s wedding, Then Sunday is Warped Tour all day. Then the 1st weekend of August is my cousin Anna’s graduation party, then the weekend after that is CheeseburgerFest in Caseville. The next thursday after that we leave for Mackinac Island for 5 days. The weekend after that is Cedar Point……and well thats all we have planned so far. It’s been so crazy lately and trying to find time between all that and work is slim to none. I can’t remember the last time having a summer this jam packed!! I’m loving it!! One thing after another!!

I really can’t wait much longer for the next 2 weekends. I FREAKIN LOVE WEDDINGS!! It’s going to be a blast and in a sense I’m in both wedding parties. For Natalie’s ma’s wedding I won’t be walkin the aisle but I’ll be at the head table. And I’m standing up in Aaron and Joann’s wedding. It’s exciting and I’m ready to party with the families!! So much to look forward this summer. It’s great.

So there ya go, a lil update for the past month and the next month to come. I will update when I find the time and in the mean time don’t forget to check for pictures of the many events. I try to get the pictures up as soon as possible. Ok time for me to jump back into work. I still got things I gotta do today that I haven’t gotten a chance to do yet. I do hope that everyone else’s summer is going great!!

Life is busy, but beautiful.

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allstarchic says:

ok so I cheated and didn’t read ALL of it, but it def. sounds like you had a great couple of weeks/weekends living up life. Good luck with the work. And its great to hear that you and Natalie are still doing great 🙂

<3 Beth

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