Podcast is sexy

So yeah, with all these new Podcasts coming up everywhere I figured it was time for me to do one myself. Yup, I now have a PodCast/Audioblog. Wanna see my or should I say hear my PodCast? Go to the link below….


There ya go…now go check it out….and don’t worry I’m not abadoning LiveJournal, just enhancing my weblogging…..

Sweetness….ok time to go…latars!


allstarchic says:

I couldn’t post a comment on ur podcast page but here’s the one I was

you should def. do podcasts all the time, that was great, lol. Have fun with all that stuff coming up with concert and cheeseburger thing….? if I heard that right. lol. Anyways just wanted to let you know I listened in on ur first couple podcasts. Good times. See ya later

<3 Beth

admin says:

hey awesome, glad someone enjoyed my 1st podcasts. I took the liberty of taking your messsage you left me and I put in my podcast. You have to preview it first before you can post, just to let you know in the future. I’m happy to see that you read/listen to my bloggin, just to let ya know, I read yurs too, I didn’t get a chance to read your new very extensive entry, but promise u, i will, hey and i’ll comment too!! I’m just a slackin commenter! Ha! I’ll be sure to continue the podcasting! ciao!

j__lynn says:

nice msg last nite..DORK!

we’re going to the post tonite, just so you know.
ur more than welcome to come with us 🙂

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