A healthy dinner

Don’t you ever sometimes just wanna cook a healthy, yet tasty dinner? Well tonight I was in the mood for that so I had Natalie come over after work for dinner. I made blackened atlantic salmon, shrimp scampi (my specialty), steamed crab meat, and lobster bisque. For desert we had angel cake with whipped cream and strawberries. I cooked all of these foods from scratch (mine own lil recipes) except the lobster bisque. She had me take pictures of our dinner and desert so here they are….

Our dinner

Dinner closeup

Our desert

Our desert again…

I seriously love cooking!


u just made me hungry!

admin says:

go eat sumptin, and just to let ya know, fish is healthy as hell for you, i did mega research on the goods about fish….oh yes..

mmfr22 says:

good then you can cook me some food dammit! are you gonna get your concert tickets yet?

admin says:

insufficient funds are lacking right now, after the last 2 sets of tickets i bought…we’ll see….

xfalnainjelx says:

yummmm 😀 Shrimp scami is the best. your dessert looks so nummy nummmy too…what the hell anthony! come cook me up some dinner tonight :] I got 10 bucks!

admin says:

heh, i’ve had many compliments on my shrimp scampi, i’ve perfected that meal over many drunken nights back in highschool…haha, seriously i wouldn’t mind cookin for a group of people, like if everyone pitched in money for the food I’d cook a meal…..possible plans maybe?

jenniferdunn says:

OMG Anthony! Why aren’t you MY boyfriend? LoL 😛

admin says:

haha, and just to think that way back in high school, what old times…lol, heh talkn to lisa (^above comment^) I wouldn’t mind doing a big dinner for a group of friends, it’d be fun as hell!

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