The $5.64 Lunch

So Matt and I were on a mission today at work. We were taking our cans back and wanted to have a full complete meal with desert with just deposit money of our empty cans. We returned the cans and had $5.60. Not bad. Now we had to get the lunch for both of us for that. The results:
2-Liter Faygo $.99 (includes $.10 deposit)
2 Snickers $.67
2 Banquet Heart One Chicken Fried Beef Steak Meals $3.98
Total meal for two = $5.64

We did it and he’s what our $5.64 meal looks like:

Oh, we’re good!


jenniferdunn says:

I give you props, but that frozen dinner looks slightly yuck. LoL 😛 That “gravy” looks frighteningly like something else I’ve seen before.. *ahem* ():P

admin says:

surprisingly it was good, except the fact that it has 47 grams of fat, 760 calories, and 1330 mg of sodium. It definitely is a “hearty one”!

jenniferdunn says:

Good golly that’s a lot of calories for something in a box! LMAO.

mmfr22 says:

thats sweet, me and my room did that a couple days ago but we had at least 10.35 to work with so it was a little easier…what we doing this weekend?

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