a new update will be soon, but for now….

after a lil boredom I started to photoshop pictures and well here’s the result:

Can This Really Be?

(Warning: This image is big, approx 1 meg, because of the detail and clarity of the image)

Look closely at the eyes and mouth or visa versa, my main goal with this was the detail. Let me know what ya think. Boo!


jenniferdunn says:

AHHH Anthony!! LMAO. That’s going to give me nightmares!

crazydave78 says:

already been done …

do some shit thats original, lets see what you can come up with.

angeez says:

haha that’s pretty impressive! nice!

j__lynn says:

LMFAO! that is so SICK. omg your one crazy kid. we need to get together soon <3

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