Detroit Firworks and Grad Parties

Last Wednesday Natalie, Sarah, Brian, Jenna, Matt, Nikki, P.J., Marvin, and I went over to Canada to watch the Detroit fireworks. Good night, did some walking throughout Windsor then chilled in the park and watched the fireworks. Oh and then after the fireworks 9 people were shot in Hart Plaza. Nuts. On our drive home we got pushed off of I-75 and got stuck taking Gratiot allllll the way home. Damn did that suck. They then took it from 4 lanes down to 1. It was nuts and that area of the D is not very pretty. We were just cruising a long and *BAM!* this bomb went off in the street in front of us. Woke Natalie up. Nuts. Overall it was an adventuresome night.

Friday night Natalie and I arrived fashionably late to her cousins dance recital (or we just forgot we had tickets and ended up there an hour and a half late). Saturday there was a few grad parties we had to goto. First off we went to her friend Lindsay’s then I went off to Kenny’s, a good friend of the family’s son. Since Natalie has a broken arm I drove her to and from work both Saturday and Sunday. After work on Saturday I we went back to Kenny’s for a lil while then later went back to her house and rented Mystic River. Sunday we went to my cousin Neil’s graduation. Good times. All the youngin’s are getting older and well, that just makes me that much more older…fuckin-A.

Nothing else too new. Just a small update, haven’t been upto much lately. Working…working. This upcoming weekend….4th of July.. OOOoooOOO I can’t wait!! Port Austin and Caseville, it’s gonna be one helluva weekend!! So kickass! Ayite I’ll update later, prolly after the big weekend. Hope y’all have a sweet 4th and don’t blow up anything too bad.

Bout to get off of work in a few minutes so time to clean up the desk…. laters


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