Autoshow 2002

This weekend was much enjoyable. On Saturday Sarah, Ian, Katie, and I went to the North American International Autoshow. It was pretty cool to see all the new cars of the future. Them cars are bad ass. Sarah took a picture of me with my car, the Ferrari. I don’t think it was as good as last years’ but it still was sweet. On our way out there was this crazy guy, M-I-K-E, who scared the shit out of us, he was following us in the tunnel for the Joe and was trying to give him money for some purpose. We gave a buck and some change for him to leave us alone. Crazy though. Sunday wasn’t much of a day, Sarah and I just hung out all day. This week has been really slow, works been slow. I’ve been getting what I need to get done, but slowly. I was told that now I’m not allowed to work more than 40 hours a week so now I’ll probably be leaving at an earlier time. This friday I’m working to 1. That should be a nice day. Last nite I went with Sarah to her aunt’s house for her cousin, Jillian’s, birthday. After I helped her with her homework. This week is her exam week, best of luck to her. Today I don’t really have any plans. This weekend is kinda packed, already. Saturday Sarah and I are going to Mongolian Barbecue for our 7th month, then on Sunday we have my cousin, Joann’s 21st birthday party and later that nite a Red Wing game. Also the fact that Friday is a shortened work day, I think this weekend will be tight! Better get goin, have some things to do. I just hanging around for the weekend!!


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