Back to work

So I’m back here at Roseville Chrysler doing the same old shit. I get really bored really quick here and its only 12. Six more hours at this place. DAMN!! Anyways the weekend was definitely different than others, but much was learned. Friday I had my court date. In which it got dismissed. I was so happy. I got up to the stand and the cop told the judge that he misplaced his papers on my case and he asked for a dismissal. It was just the way I wanted the weekend to start off. Saturday and Sunday though was definitely a change though. Sarah and I were in a bit of a confusion, but we were able to work everything out. I love her so much. Sunday we spent the day together while we babysat my lil siblin’s, my cousins, and her bro. Saturday I helped my uncle Paul move out of his house to storage and his grandma’s. Sarah and I went shopping later that day and I got some nice new clothes. Monday wasn’t anything unusual. Just a normal day, back to work though. Yesterday Sarah and I went tannin. Also from what it sounds like, Sarah’s going to make Sweetheart’s court. I’m happy for her. And guess who’s her date for the dance, me! It’s gonna be fun. Less than a month away. Well today I really don’t know what I’m doin. Same as always prolly, nothing wrong with that. I like my life, it’s not too shabby. I just hope everything else goes well and what is well stays well. Luv ya lots Sarah, and I’ll see ya when I get home. And I’m off back to work. Take it easy, whoever u are. Later.

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i didnt make it u nerd

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