Alright New Years

Well as I mentioned before I went up north to my grandpa’s for new years. It was fun to a point. Snowmobiling was great!! There had to be atleast 4-5 feet of snow up in Cedar, MI. That part I enjoyed much. It really was just a lazy week/weekend. Oh and for Christmas I got this cool cordless mouse and keyboard set!! It’s so awesome, I can sit on my bed and work on my computer with no cords, no hassle! I really missed Sarah on New Year’s Eve. While she was having the time of her life at Shannon’s I was play euchre non stop. I wanted to be with her so so bad. Everythings good now. I’m back to where I used to be. School’s over for the semester and I have the next 3 months with my baby. Yesterday I went back to Roseville Chrysler dealership to catchup to the point they are. They kept feeding me with so much stuff I was becoming lost. It should be fine though. Monday I start actually working and I’m going to attempt to pick up on things once I get there. I hope I start makin more money. I feel like I getting paid lousy. I’m one broke dude here!! I need the money!! Also last nite “The Fast and the Furious” came out on DVD so I picked it up and watched it. Today was a calm day, I woke up around 11 and cleaned up my room , picked Sarah up from school and we just hung out all day. We went to Applebees and the service was horrible. We left a frickin 5% tip and they didn’t even deserve that!! After we chilled at PJ’s. Tomorrow, actually today, I have my court appearance. I hoped that everything goes well and that I don’t get any points. I’m a bit scared. It should be alright though. Oh and I just found out that sweethearts dance is exactly a month away from today. Damn, I never knew it was so close. Also Sarah is campaigning for Sweethearts court. Best luck to her!! So if you know her vote for her and if you dont, vote for her anyways because she’s a sexy bitch!! Anyways I’m off to bed. I need my sleep. I spent like the last 4 hours playin online euchre at Fun shit!!! All my partners suck though!! Can’t play worth shit! Well I’m out.

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im not campaigning u nerd

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