Wonderful Christmas

Well today is Christmas and it definetly was a great one!! First off I finally finished my exams and moved completely out of my dorm. I’m so happy, I have the next three months to stay home!! Anyways I got so much cool stuff for Christmas. Such as many sweaters, cds, many things for Sarah and I to do together, and of course plenty of candy. It was such a great day!! Yesterday we went to my grandparent Montalbano’s for the annual Christmas Eve party. The food was great. I had so much. Mario and I spent most of the evening playin Dave Mirra BMX. It’s a pretty sweet game. Today I was a great day!! Matt’s family, my grandma, and aunt Karen came over today. Much fun. Oh and 2 days before Christmas Sarah and I exchanged our gifts! She got me a Red Wing ticket, a cool camera, a nice sweatshirt, chocolate sardines, and a necklace. The gifts are so so cool. I love her to death!! I got her this diamond heart necklace and a Kettering hoodie. She loves me to death to!! It’s such a great Christmas. This break has been awesome. Tommorrow, though, I am going up north to my grandpa’s for snow mobiling and snow activities. Sarah was suppose to come but because of change of plans she won’t be able to. 🙁 It’ll still be fun though. I just wish I could figure a way so that I can see her on New Year’s Eve. I’m happy I’m going up there and everything, but I just really really wish I could be with her for the final minutes of 2001. I don’t think it’s going to happen. It’ll be ok. I see her soon enough. Well I best be goin I still have to pack for tommorrow!! Lata!! I’ll be back as soon as I can!!! Merry Christmas to everyone!! Hope your’s was as great as mine!! Happy New Year’s too!!


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