Back to school and a lil bit older

So today would conclude my 2nd week back to school. So far it’s already been pretty hectic. Going two school’s at one time is busy, and with gas price increases, it doesn’t help! Ugh, right back up to $3 again WTF!

In recap I finished my work term at the end of March and moved back up to Kettering for the final time. That’s right guys, I’m about to graduate! Last Tuesday was my 23rd frickin birthday. Didn’t do much, had a lot of school stuff to do. Did celebrate it, tho, last weekend. Wednesday, Natalie took me out to eat at Friday’s. Last Friday my 230 roommates and I went to B-Dubs in Novi, then to Lucky’s for bowling and later to Tequila Rain. May I say, that was a pretty sweet bar. So Anoop moves out to Chicago (prolly today) and the decentralization of 230 has taken further effect. Shawn had graduate a mere year ago and has been working at Tacom since, Justin graduated last semester and is now at Chrysler, Jason also graduated last semester and is still working at his co-op, and now Anoop has graduated and got a full time job in Chicago. That leaves us with me. I’m still here at Kettering trying to close out on what has become probably one of the hardest accomplishments I’ve been working at. And yes, its just around the corner. I’ve started the job hunting process, but nothing of much luck yet. I’m sure my oppurtunities will come a’knockin’.

Last Saturday night we celebrated my birthday with my cousins and friends at Friday’s. It was then later back to my cousin’s place for some drinks and Scene It! Good times.

So I should tell you, I’ve given myself a deadline for the release of For a few reasons I set it to 06.06.06. Yes its the devils number, but that’s not why. The reasons is it should give me enough time to get it ready and well yeah, that’s my brother’s 17th birthday. Coolio!

Don’t have much else to say right now, as usual things are quite hectic and busy. I once again apologize for long gaps of time in between my entries, but they’ll keep coming. I’ve also begun to workout again. I really want to be in shape for the summer and I’ve become motivated to do so. So now I must depart because I’m going to make my way to the gym. w00t!

Later y’alls!


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