Just a few things

I got my new bindings in 2 days ago. They’re effin awesome, now if only it would snow enough to go snowboarding I’m in. But it doesn’t look too promising. This is a short update, just wanted to share a few lil things and be back on my merry way. Moving back to school in a coulple weeks, that should be interesting. I then hope to deeply delve into FlipFrog.com.

Don’t fret FlipFrog is coming soon.

Recently I’ve had this knack of buying DVD concerts, they’re awesome and something you definitely will watch many times over. I currently have…
The Silence
Hawthorne Heights
Greeley Estates
Bon Jovi
Meat Loaf

and I have my eye on many other ones….

oh and by the way, if you’re not familar with Last.fm, its really a sweet site. I listen to music all the time and I thought it’d be cool to statistically analyze what I listen too, thats were Last.fm comes into place. Below show the 10 most recent songs I’ve listened too and if you click on it you can see my profile. You’ll notice that each time you visit this entry the songs will be the most recent, it constantly updates. Cool eh? Check it out Last.fm.


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