Band Camp, and then me

Well this upcoming week isn’t much of anything, gonna be working alot and oh tonite is the finale to the Mole 2. Who be the mole?! Thats an excitement other than that I’ll be chillin at home lots. Sarah’s at band camp for the extent of this week. Well so far since the last time I wrote, I can’t remember how long ago that was, but I’ve seen Austin Powers 3 which is funny as hell. U Gotta see it! And been working. Sunday I spent the whole day working on computer animations and graphics. Click here to see what I made!!(it takes a bit to load just give it some time and also you need the Flash 6.0 plugin) Yesterday I worked, then helped out my grandpa with the computer for a while. Later that nite I went to PJ’s and we played a lil Tiger Woods golf on PS2. Its such an addictive game. Today I’m planning on helpin out my cousing Matt build his new computer. We went to the store and bought all the components and tonite we’re gonna build it. Then of course the long awaited final episode of the Mole2 airs tonite. I’ll be sure to watch that. For the rest of the week, nothing. Maybe build a custom grill for my car other than that I’ll be pretty bored. Anyways I’ve actually got stuff to do at work, so I better go get some of that shit done. Can’t wait til the weekend. WHAT A SLOW week. Ayite later.


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