MTV VMA Awards

Sorry it’s been so long since I wrote. I’ve been busy as hell. Work has me loaded. Nothing realy new has happened. I’ve been trying to win tickets to the MTV VMA awards from Q100 Atlanta. It’s an awesome radio station I listen to every day at work. And they are puttin on this promotion where they crammed 10 songs together into 6 seconds and your have to figure out what the 10 songs are in the particular order. If correct and the 100th caller at a time you win!! So far no one got it yet, very close, but not yet. I think I have it too!! I tried calling earlier and was the 97th caller, so close!! I’ll try again tomorrow!! Well this weekend went by quick, over the past 2 weekends I’ve seen Signs(not as anticipated, but still good) and MIB2, which was quite good. I’ve done a few mods to my car, but nothing big yet. So far I’ve outlined my dash with blue neon, and built a custom grille. I wanna do more!! Next week Sarah starts back to school. Oh today is our 1 yr, 2 month anniversary. I know it isn’t like a big milestone, but a worthy one. Ahhh well I think I’m gonna go do sumptin productive. Later (maybe goin to the video music awards!!) I sure as hell hope to! Peace


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