Best Weekend!!

This weekend was the greatest!! Yeah it was homecoming weekend I did get that sebring convertible and it was the perfect weekend for it. The weather was great. I had so much fun. Sarah looked amazing (as I didn’t know she would anyways), I was so happy and greatful I was with her. The pictures came out great, the weather was perfect for them. The dance was fun too. I didn’t really do any dancing but I did give a bit of a try. The dance ended a lil early due to a fight, but that wasn’t til the end anyways. Dinner was tasty. We ate at Macaroni Grill. Then after the restaurant we went back to Karrie’s house for awhile. Later that nite Sarah and I met up with Ian and Katie and went back to my house for a little while. I will never forget this nite, ever! It was awesome!! I couldn’t asked for anything better! Then on Sunday Sarah and I went to her aunt’s house for her birthday. Her aunt has a sweet house, I like it a lot. After that we went cruise along the water in Grosse Point on Jefferson. Another great day! The weather was perfect!! Later that nite PJ and I watched the Band-o-rama. It was really cold I didn’t wear much. In conclusion out of all the weekends I ever had I think this one tops it!! Sarah looked awesome, the dance was cool, and everything else on the weekend couldn’t have been better! Thanks to Sarah for help making it be!! Also Happy Birthday to my Mom, today is her birthday!! Best wishes to her! Lata!


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