BBQ @ work?

Ya so I was printing about 4315 letters and envelopes when Craig calls me and tells me that there is a BBQ down in the reconditioning area. It was pretty cool, I didn’t think that I would have a BBQ any other job than the construction. It’s been a better day today. Much better than yesterday. I found out that the cop that I was pulled over by was a real dick. My mom knows some one on the Shelby Twp. force and he said that that guy isnt the coolest. So hopefully my trial on this issue you will succeed! BOOYAH! I just recently got off the fone with Mr. Simpson(general manager) and he said that it still is possible that I will be able to get the sebring convertible. I’m just waiting for his fone call. That would cool to have for homecoming. I hope I get it. Well anyways I’m back on my way to work. Today has been a “nice” day. I want more days like this. Oh yeah and last nite Sarah and I watched SE7EN. It was really graphic and weird movie, but enjoyable.(hehe) Ayite, I’m out!


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