Ya what do ya know, driving home last nite from PJ’s wasnt exactly the greatest. As I was exiting M59 at the Mound,Merrill exit I got pulled over for speeding. The cop didnt even question me he just wrote up my ticket and took off. It’s so gay!! The speed limit goes from 65 to 35 like that. And he clocked me at 50, but he gave me 45 in a 35 which is still not cool. So ya I got my first dumb ass ticket. I’m goin to fight it though. I found this really cool website that helps you fight your ticket, click here to go to the website. I think it’s worth the fight. I mean I should have atleast gotten a warning. And the worst part about it is I was decelerating when he got me(before I seen the cop) I was coming down to speed but he caught me in the midst of it. It’s shitty ya I know, but I don’t want any driving points on my record!! Well anyways besides that stuff I helped PJ setup his new computer. I spent about an hour on the fone with this technical support chic and she just hung up outta no where so I just figured the rest out myself. Yesterday was a horrible day it was a really bad day. I’m glad that it is today and I’m hoping for the better!! I know it’s only 1:30 but soon I will be on my way home. Work has been really hectic!! I have this thing where I am to build a list of customers who need service on their car and I was just on the fone with Gil Hale in New York for over 2 hours editing the source for the visual foxpro DCMS. I think we have it down. He just has to do the final pack and recompile the app so I can do the distribution. We had a database of over four thousand customers that after we had to manually remove duplicates. Now I have to recreate a merged letter document for printing. I also have a million other things on my mind right now. Wayne (my boss) has so much he wants me to do before I leave this friday. Also I don’t know if I am going to rent a car from here with this whole speeding ticket dilemma. Insufficient funds. I’ll see how it goes. Man Alive!! It’s homecoming this weekend I still haven’t gotten my tie or shirt, I don’t know where we are eating or what group I am going with. I’m not ready I got so much I need to take care of. I work on my computer at home to get done. In about a week I leave for college and I don’t have anything packed, I dont’ know what I am bringing, my mom wants me to thoroughly clean my room before I go, and still need to get ready. AHH!! I need to just go home and sit down for like 26 minutes. Major stress on my back today!! WOW!! Well it’s best I get back to my stuff here at work, I just wrote this entry to relieve some of the stress, much better now. I can’t wait to go home(Sarah’s, I kinda miss her, actually I really do!!) Ayite back to the mats!


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