Another Weekend

This weekend was normal as any other. On friday I went to the Stevenson-Utica football game. Stevenson won, woopee. It’s strange now, when I go to these football games it’s a different feeling knowing that you don’t go to this school anymore. And within the next week or so I will be starting college. Crazy. After the game Sarah, PJ, Pete, Kennedy, Ian, Katie, Rachel, and Brittany came ova. We ordered some pizza and then just chilled around. That on Saturday Sarah and I went to Westview Cider Mill and went through a corn maze, pretty cool. Later that night we watched Marisa and Sarah, PJ, Ian, and Katie came over again. This time I dressed up in this crazy clown outfit and sat on the hood of Ian’s car with a staple gun in my hand driving by Nash’s house to scare all the people that were in the street. Not the greatest moment, I kinda fell of the car and went rolling. But later that nite Ian and PJ decided to buy gold fish to put in my waterscape thingy in my room. Not the best idea. 2 of the fish already died. I put ’em in Justin’s tank now. Then yesterday, a slow day also. Didn’t do much cleaned up the house and then went to Sarah’s. Later that nite we went to her friend’s birthday party. I had my sister Marisa with us the whole time. It was an interesting nite. That bout sums up my weekend. Fun eh? Aren’t you glad that you just wasted about 2 mins and 16 secs reading what I did this weekend, even though it has no effect on you? Thank you. Anyways I’m gonna go now I think the servers here at work are back online(we had some problems with the network servers here at work, which paused me from being able to do any work, so I decided to write this journal entry) Later….


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