What A Day!

It has been an enjoyable day so far. Last nite was really great. Sarah and I were supposed to go to Buca de Beppos, but they don’t open til Sept. 30th. So instead we went to Tirami` Su. The food was great. Her friend Angelina was working up there. As of today, my brain is on a bit of an overload. I found this awesome website (HowStuffWorks.com) and now I know so much about computers it’s amazing. It’s great. Anyways here at work I have been doing alot to. I just finished updating the virus scan on about 65 computers for the new nimda virus. Craig seemed a little stressed today. He was sitting in the customer lounge area, which he never has done that. Also tomorrow Eric(Mann) wants me come visit him up at Hot Hits on Gratiot. I’ll prolly go. I dunno, today’s been quite a day!


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