Breaking Lines

Find it. Define it. Cross it. You’re an amazing creation of nature. You have an imagination that can create things beyond our wildest dreams. Every day. Yet there’s too many that live within the constraints and normals presented before us, never testing our dreams. Fuck that. Do something. I think it’s important, no, critical, for us to have a life worth sharing, a tale of a story for the grandchildren. It’s moments in life when you break through your comfort lines and became disruptive, that’s when you truly stand out. Good for you. Your life is defined by these moments.

You ALWAYS have an option. With passion, you’ll find a way. Don’t like your job? Quit. Like that girl you met the other night? Contact her. Think yoga’s gay? Try it. Why fear the unknown when you can explore it? Live it. Please, please, please, I beg of you, never loose your passion, let it drive you, even if it’s into unchartered territories, better yet, when it is in uncharted territories. There’s that crazy Apple commercial about “the crazy ones that think they can change the world, do”. I think it’s time more people get “crazy” and smell the flowers that define their dreams. I want you to find that insane fire in you that lifts you so high, that excites you, that makes you believe in the impossible, and do it. Damn it, there are no excuses, just justifications you creatively come up with to keep yourself safely with your comfort levels. That’s bad. The problem with this is you’ll never truly live, hell, you’re just dying. 🙁

Want to be happy? Want to make a difference? Want to truly love? Do something you wouldn’t normally do and learn from your exploration. It’ll feel weird, uncomfortable, awkward maybe, but I guarantee you’ll have a story, and a new appreciation to a different aspect of life you didn’t know existed. Shit, it may even open your world to something you never though you’d do. Congratulations, you’re defining new lines. Stop for a moment and think, the most amazing memories you have are the ones when you were disruptive, out the ordinary, weird, awkward, uncomfortable. Smile. Life is a gift. Make amazing memories, stop dying and start living. Break some lines.

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