Converting Words

I think the quip “actions speak louder than words” is one of the most underrated, overlooked piece of advice anyone could receive.

Words are a peculiar thing. For words are nothing more than a medium for us to do one of two things; share history or create a representation of promise and hope. This is a huge problem. It’s a problem because too many of us believe in the words we say or hear and not what they represent.  Yet, it gets even worse than that! When we use words we use them in the form of a language, so that someone else can understand.

Do you ever realize that the use of language immediately limits your ability to share what you really mean? It does so on a multitude of levels. For instance, you can only use the words available to you and the grammar (rules) of the language, which limits the audience you can share with. Still words can have a different meaning to someone else. Even if you were to attempt to translate your words into another language, the original representation can never be exact. No language has a one-to-one correlation between its words and rules. So the original quality of the representation is immediately altered. What we say in English could never be truly represented the same in Japanese. The truth of language and words can get even more confusing, so let’s move on.

We all use words and take for granted what we say because more things are said then actually done. It can be difficult to say what we really mean or feel, so why not just cut to the chase and actually do it or show it? It’s not what you say, it’s what you do. Words CAN be good, but actions ARE good. Bad is just the absence of good. If you think an action is bad, you’re just looking at it from the wrong angle.

Sometimes I ponder, to be a mute would require me to always take action to show what I want or feel. It’s amazing how many people’s emotions are damaged from false hope they build from words. Saying something such as ‘I love you’ or ‘I promise you’ are extremely powerful. Powerful because so much security and hope are built upon these words, when they shouldn’t. It’s easy to say things, but actually following through with your words is what really matters. If you truly feel a way, show it. I think you can communicate the feeling of love and promise to someone without ever having to say it.

Words create lies, actions don’t. It really is that simple. I’m just as guilty as the next, saying things and not following through with what I meant, I’m human. Ya know, we are born with two eyes, two ears, yet just one mouth, meaning truth is more evident with what we see and hear and not so much what we say.

There’s a lot of things I could say right now, but I’m not. I feel as I continue to move forward, the only right way to move forward is to be sincerely honest. The only way to be happy and successful is to not talk so much, but simply do. That’s why I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s time to shut the hell up and start converting words…

This is recursively contradictive, but what I feel, what I think, what I want, what I need…I’m just going to show you.

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