Inventing Stars

On a clear night, I see stars. Actually the emitting light from stars. Ohhh stars.  Massive, luminous balls of plasma intensely held together by gravity. Aggressive and volatile by nature in it’s real time, but so eloquently mesmeric and tranquil in sight; inevitable truth and a reflection of a forgiving effort. Let me see if I can elaborate this thought…

A light-year. The only measurement of distance that relates to time. That is because the distance is related to how far light takes to travel in one year. Given that most stars are light-years away, the light that you see in present day, on a clear night sky, was actually created 2, 3, 5, or possibly 10 years ago.  A star at the time the light was created was aggressive, chaotic, and agitative, yet years later the beautiful radiance of that star still shines. Its the original hard work that its beauty pays itself off…

That’s just one star. In the sky rests millions upon billions of stars reflecting its dark creation in beauty. The sky hangs as canvas to these stars, which when seen all together create a new piece of art with every blink of the eye.   Art is fascinating because of its intricacy, originality, and creativity.  The sky is so much more than just a black sheet with holes punched in it.

Artwork rests in the sky.

Life is artwork.

Its all of the actions and words that you’ve said or done that make up what you know, what you’ve learned, what you’ve felt, and the most important, what it means to live. Like stars, each action that you’ve partaken, whether tough, painful, or strenuous proves itself in the end. We’re all inventing stars now and then.  Some say resistance is futile, but these stars are the subtle tasks we do, to someday give us something to reflect upon.  To reflect upon a beautiful creation of artwork, a life worth living, laughing, and loving every moment, even if it feels like those moments are light-years away.

Life may seem hard, worthless, lost, not on track, or maybe (hopefully not) lifeless, but remember its these difficult times in your life that really pay off.  Never stop, you’re just inventing stars.

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