It’s not the number of roses, its the number that matters. It’s not the location or time that matters, it’s the right setting. It’s not the right kiss, it’s the moment of embrace. The moment when boredom becomes non-existent, addiction is exhilarating, and happiness is sincerely within. This is passion. Unfortunately, the most overlooked, lost, and euphoric part of life that so many seem to have forgotten its true meaning, its true feeling and heart.

In this strange world we live in, where so much meaning is lost or hidden from truth, its a sad excuse for a way to live. Nothing comes easy, we all know this, but we shouldn’t be afraid to fall, afraid to fail, afraid to lose. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, yet sadly enough, I don’t think enough people are willing to cheat death in this way. Too many look for the easy way out or an excuse for wrong, discomfort and hurt. The integrity of life is lost. I feel like we’re living in a world false, a creative void. We need to embrace the wrong, discomfort and hurt for what it’s worth and understand the compassion behind its history.

Everyone needs a passion. A passion to write, a passion to sing, a passion to paint, a passion to help others. A passion that is as much a part of you as the wrinkles in your skin. Don’t force a talent or task to yourself. We’re all here to embrace something.   Believe in who you are, your unique you.  Trust your instincts and make it happen. Find something that addicts your pulse to keep going, something that challenges you to never give up, something that you’ll always come back too. That’s passion. It’s actually passion that is even more meaningful than love, because love wouldn’t exist without passion. Passion creates love. This is life. Love is life.

There’s no complexity in passion for it could be as simple as watching rain fall. In many retrospects, people need to take off the mask and pull away from a facade of what they feel should be their respective presence; because honestly there’s not much presence to respect behind false addictions and lies. I think if people truly put forth things in life such as relationships and careers with the true definition of passion, they’ll truly embrace the secret to a happy life.

You know the Greeks didn’t write obituaries, they only asked one question after a man died, ‘Did he have passion?’

So I ask , do you?

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