BUSY, BUSY, BUSY, and Apt 230 Party

Wow, it’s been really hectic lately. Um last week our Apartment was in a volleyball tournament at Kettering. The season didnt go so well, but when playoffs came we were awesome, unstoppable. We made it to the championship game, but unfortuneately lost. As for this previous weekend we, my roommates Shawn and Justin threw a party at our apartment. It was a very interesting nite, mmmmmmhmm. Um lemme say there was multiple conflicts with people and early nite for someone, but in all a quality nite. I’d rather not go into detail about what happened, b/c it may cuz more problems. Click here to view pictures of that niteAnyways as for school I’ve been quite busy workin on h/w tryin to pass classes, heh. And actually I’m not doing so bad. As for next semester I’m going to be taking 20 credits and class this summer, so I’m going to be quite the busy guy. This week has been really busy with school, spent 5 hours Monday nite and 4 hours Tuesday afternoon workin in the microcomputer lab on an application on a elementary microprocessor. And also our apartment is playin softball so twice a week I play that. Tryin to keep up with working out every day. For the most part its been going good. I hope I can keep it up, I want to notice a difference. Hehe. Umm this weekend is memorial, not to sure what’s the actions yet, but I think I’m gonna be up at port austin. As for MAG Media Designs I’ve gotten a little bit further on my project, and oh I also am going to eventually offer wireless web application via PDA’s and cell phones, still in learning though!! Have had to read flippin 5 Shakespeare plays by now, which is a lil rough but ayite. I was thinkn about going to Stratford this summer to see a play, I think it would be quite interesting. So yeah I’ve been pretty busy so many million things on my mind right now, and when this summer rolls around I hope it calms down or atleasts smooth’s out. I have a pretty good idea on what I want/need to get accomplished and hopefully all is successful. As for now, I leave you with this…..”It’s all worth it”


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