Memorial Weekend and short school week

This previous weekend I did as mentioned and went up to Port Austin. It was quite fun. Umm Saturday chilled most of the day met up with Nikki, Erin, and Debbi at Port Crescent for some of the day. For the most part stayed at our place with all the family. I would list the people there but it would take to long so if you click here to see the weekend. Monday I came up and went to see Bruce Almighty, a mighty good flick! As for Tuesday coulda been labeled one of the most borin days until later. I met up with Nick and Jenny and soon later Matt and Roy and we went to the Tiger’s game. They loss, no surprise. Later to BW3’s in which I won the Playmaker game on the screens, hell yeah. Oh and remember like a few weeks ago when I said i bought a $1 lottery ticket and won $30? Well I went to the same 7-11 and did it again!! Thats so tight! Anyways I eventually drove back up to school later tuesday nite, like late, late, 2am. Classes have been pretty hectic. My scheduling has been some BS, but I think I got what I want. As for this weekend. Should be another good one! Tomo the Delts, and then Saturday Pikes. Rachel, Karrie, PJ, Marv, Matt, and Roy are going to make the appearance. Good Shit. Anyways I’m out again I really need some sleep, with 2 quizzes tomo and finalizing my scheduling, its a busy ass day, damn. Ayite, best of luck to ya all!


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