Central Weekend and Beer Gardens

Time for a 2 weekend update.

Dating back to 2 weekends ago (the weekend of the UofM/MSU greatest orgasmic football game evar!) I went up to Central Michigan with my cousins Matt and Neil and Neil’s friend Brandon. We started that Friday off in high class just drank straight Grey Goose and Hypnotiq the majority of the nite. By the time I was drunk, beer was like a refresher, so of course I just drank that. The first night was a blast and ended in an unexpected twist. Saturday I slept til like one, since I prolly didn’t fall asleep the night before til 5ish or so. Yeah, fuck me I missed the tailgating to the Central-Western game (BTW Central won in OT). So after I did finally woke up we went to the dorms to visit my sister. Chilled for some time and started watching the Michigan game.

We came back to Nikki’s (where we were staying for the extent of our weekend) and watched more of the game. Hot damn that was one amazing football game, automatically dubbed the instant classic (it was on ESPN classic only 7 days later!) Great great game. Gave us all the more reason to drink! So Saturday was the big night! Nikki and her roommate’s had a hugh Halloween bash at their house. It was awesome. I dressed up as the Punisher, hence the reason for black hair now. I did take pictures of the nite, but I musta forgot I had a camera after midnite b/c I didn’t get til bed til bout 6ish. Brandon and I ended up running the streets of Mt. Pleasant looking for Neil b/c for some reason, we lost him. I ended making contact with my cousin Trisha and we met up, went to an apartment with some friends, then found out that Neil returned back at Nikki’s. Weird story: Neil says he just woke up in a car, got out, was all lost and found him several blocks down from the house…in a random car. Can’t get much drunker and senseless than that?!

So Sunday was mostly a chilled day, return back to Kettering and did some homework, yeah lil hung over. It definitely was one of those instant unforgettable weekends.

Tuesday was the Piston’s home opener and banner raising ceremony. My dad got a suite and I went with my dad and my brother. Pistons won their 1st game and the ceremony was so hype! Good shit. As for school wise that week, very stressful. Since we’ve reached halfway point I was raped with 5 exams and 3 projects to do! I was good and bad on things, mainly good all, but Phys II. Fuck, I’ll get it!

This past weekend Friday Shawn, Justin and I just chilled at our apartment, had a few drinks, ended up calling a million people trying to make plans. Nothing. But we did get many invite to upcoming weekends. So now we have many plans and shit. That night ended early. Saturday night I was intending on going to State to goto Erin’s party, but thinking logically and shit, it prolly wasn’t the greatest weekend to go. Yeah my car is way over it’s miles and I need a new one. Working on that. So in turn I decided to stay back at Kettering, where there was more than enough going on there. Rob, from across, had a party, made a pitstop there then headed over T’s House for the preparty. Later than nite we ended up at Beer Gardens at SAE. It wasn’t bad. I heard good and bad things about that party. I had a good time tho. It was another funastic weekend.

As for these past few days, I’ve been kinda swamped with mucho projects and stuff. Basically just trying to keep somewhat ahead of the game. Still running everyday and better than ever. Started lifting weights now. Hopefully I’ll start to notice more of a difference. Shit, I’m lovin this.

This weekend, I’ll prolly be home with the fam. I do have plans for Saturday night. Oh Saturday night should be an interesting nite. Going to a Playboy Mansion party, men in robes, women in lingerie. Can’t get much better than that! It’ll be sweet! Atleast eye candy!
So thats bout that.

Gotta bounce tho, class is over (since I’m writing this in my Prob Stats class). Time for Physics!! Fuckin-A

More updates to come! Don’t forget to check out my new forum! There’s a whole slew of new possibilities and ideas to come in that!

K I’m out now!


I wanna go to a playboy mansion party!

admin says:

I’m sure if you wanted to go you could! It’s basically an open party. If you wanna go, and u wanna bring some ladies in lingerie ;). Give me a call or IM me I’ll feed you more information!

Anonymous says:

Good to know that your 2 year relationship (I’m assuming its the one that I was in with you) was a “flop anyways” as you mentioned a few entries ago. Gee, I never thought of it like that. That was 2 years of my life. I have no regrets- it was a fun 2 years.

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