Five University Weekend and much more

This past week has been extremely busy. I’ve been/done bout everything you could possibly do in 3 days. So Friday I came home for the weekend. Went over Rachel’s ma’s new house and Rachel, Brad, Kristen, and I watched Ocean’s Eleven and Friday. We played Dirty Minds and made fondue with strawberries…so damn good! So came home quite late that nite round 3ish.

Get a phone call Sat morn at like 8:30am. It’s my uncle, he’s got extra tickets to the U of M/Northwestern game. Shit, didn’t take me much to get outta be and over his house! So on the way to the game, my cousin Nick called. We had another extra ticket, so Nick met us out in Ann Arbor. The game started slow, but in the end Michigan prevailed. GO Blue! After the game my cousin and I walked around Ann Arbor for a bit. After that game we went to the Chippewa/Dakota playoff football game. I don’t think there was one cousin I didn’t see there at the game! Talk bout a family reunion. Gotta love the Italian family! It was a slow and cold game. In the end Dakota finally scored to win 7-0. So now they’ll play SHS (my old high school) this upcoming weekend for a clinch spot at the dome! Oh man.

After that game Roy and I drove out to Oakland University where my buddy Ian through a Playboy Mansion Party. The turn out wasn’t as much as it was expected, but still had a great time. There are pictures of the party in my journal. Also Ian has a site for all his parties and shit…the link… More pictures are found there. So waking up at his apartment I get a call from my dad. My sister’s friend’s car dropped transmission and I gotta drop them off at Central Michigan. So shit, came home got my sis and her friend and we drove out to Mount Pleasant. Dropped them off, visited Nikki and Jill for a lil while then started driving back toward Flint. I was going through Midland and recalled that my buddy Mike goes to school here, at Northwood University. So sure enough I went to his place. Again just chilled mainly. He’s got a sweet place.

Ok, finalizing my drive I came back to good ol Flintown, home of Kettering University. I had got a call earlier from a good friend, Sarah. She was at Kettering at the Papa Roach concert. She came and stopped by my place later that night after the concert. Ironic: (Mike and Sarah are dating)….seen them both, but in an unexpected turnout. It was a crazy ass weekend. When I was hangin out with Sarah, she seemed kinda loopy. I was lil worried bout her driving home but she made it home safely. Talking to her the next day she thinks that it could quite possibly be that something got slipped into her drink at the concert. Damn freaky shit! She’s doing good tho now.

So yesterday I had 2 exams. Fuck Phys. Schools really crackin on me right now. The semester, oddly enough is coming down to the end. About a month left. I start doing my scheduling this week and realized I only have 11 classes left to take to obtain my degree…hell yes..I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!!

Future events: On Thanksgiving I’m gonna be running the Turkey Trot in Detroit (10K, 6.4miles). December 1st is the 89x Stole Christmas Concert in which I got tickets to! Still don’t have a date to them tho, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a date so if you wanna go, give me a holla! By the way the Used will be there, biggest reason for going! Then on December 3rd I have my 1st 3-D Graphics Convention in Royal Oak. I’m excited about that. Christmas its not too far outta reach…its just around the corner. There’s another concert coming up that I really really wanna goto. The TSO (Trans Siberian Orchestra) concert. I went last year and it was amazing! Now with their new CD, the concert is sure to be just as amazing as last year and since they play mainly Christmas music, it’s perfect for the holidays..

Hmmm, I’ve been also looking into a new car, hopefully I’ll have it by Thanksgiving! I’ve been making calls, doing research and shit. Looks like I’m most likely gonna get the 2005 Grand Prix, black. I’m excited about it! It’s about damn time I get a new car! I’ll post pics when I get it. Other than that, that’s about all that I’ve been up to. I’m still working on my snowboard for this January. I should have that soon too! This Saturday is the much awaited greatest rival football game ever, UofM/OSU. I may be out at UofM for parties and shit this weekend. Who knows?

All is well right now, extremely busy, but getting it done. Current book: Art of Deception by Kevin Mitnick…..only a few chapters into it but great book! Favorite movie right now is the Recruit. Loved that shit.

Ayite time to eat a bit, then hit the gym and some more fucking homework…..

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papayomomma says:

that book is a fucking riot
he is such a smart person, i wish i had those manipulation powers.

Hackers for life!

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