Thanksgiving and New Car

2 weekends ago was one of those random weekends. Friday night I met up with Rachel and friends to go to Canada. As so we did, got a few free drinks at Woody’s but ended up at Bentley’s for the rest of the nite. My cousin’s met with us later that nite. Oh man, that Pistons/Pacer’s game was nuts. Never seen anything like that before! After the bar we did some street walking in Windsor for an hour or so. Stayed the night at Nick’s. Saturday was the big football game of UofM and OSU. Unfortunately they did not prevail, but thanks to Iowa we will still be going to the Rose Bowl!

Saturday night was just completely random and my cousins, Roy and I decided to go up to Central for the night. We hung out with my sister, Nikki, Jill, and friends. It was kinda dead weekend, but we were still able to make something of it. Sunday it was back to school, but only a 2 day week, so it went quick.

Thanksgiving day was very long and busy for myself. Ran that damn race in Detroit, Turkey Trot. I was up at like 5:30am. Then after that we had everyone back at my house for the lovely Thanksgivin feast. Then of course that night was the traditional “Camp Best Buy” night. This year was a little different. Started off at the Best Buy by Lakeside, but ended up at the one in Rochester. So after 6 or so hours of waiting in the blistering cold for well absolutely nothing I met up a lil later with my dad to go pick up my new car.

Yeah, I got a new car A 2005 Grand Prix to be exact! Its sex! I got it in graystone, love that color. Pictures should be come later today. After that was time for Anthony to get some sleep, since I hadn’t slept in over 30 hours. I slept til most of the nite. There after I met up with some friends at Sarah’s house, basically just chilled, had some pizza, and tried to watch a movie. Saturday I went to the dome to see my old high school in the State Division 1 Championship game. They lost. Ahh well. Crazy crazy game. Spent the rest of the day at my buddy Mike’s house, lazying it out. Made some plans for the upcoming weekends and so forth. Much is about to go down…hehe.

This upcoming weekend is 3December, the graphics convention I’m going to and then Sunday is the much anticipated Montalbano Christmas party at the Mirage. So once again another busy weekend. Only 2 more weeks of class then exams left for the semester! Oh also a big concert is coming up, TSO. Tickets are still in progress, but I’m hoping they come through. Thats going to be such an amazing concert!

Thas bout damn it….

Pictures of my car have been updated in my photo galleries
Goto then the newest gallery under new galleries, you know you’re gonna go look

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Did u buy anything at bestbuy??? i went to circuit city and i got there at like 535 n stil had a good place in line and got what i needed when they sold out!

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