new homepage

I haven’t got the time to update the site right now. I’ve been really busy with school and studying. I’ve also dedicated some time to my new website for me. So here’s the official link to the page. Only half of the site is up. I hope to start tackling the 2nd half sometime tomorrow….now go look at it and leave me your feedback. What do ya think?!

Updates soon to come….


jmatrone says:

I liked the new site, excellent job on it thus say I must say! I really liked how smooth it looks and feels as well, the tabs at the top of the site are a very nice touch.

Anonymous says:

sweet site

site looks tight man..but i just have one question wher is the BSFB

if you want a critique im me

admin says:

go ahead….what do ya see? maybe there’s something i need to change/fix up/do different. curious….i’m listening….

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