Montalbano Christmas Party and Cottage Weekend

So its been over 2 weeks now since I’ve updated. There’s been a lot happening and of course a lot of new things have arisen. 2 weekends ago was that much anticipated 3December graphics convention at Alias. Oh man that was one sweet office building. I’d love to work in a studio like that. Maybe someway, someday. Sunday was the annual Montalbano christmas party at the Mirage. I love the family. I love the food. Good times with the family.

School’s been winding down now and actually I only have 3 exams to take until the end of the semester. So I’ve been mad busy with school work and finalizing all these projects and shit. I really can’t wait for the holidays. So much planned and so much to do in the upcoming month. It’s gonna be awesome. This past weekend was a crazy, somewhat unexpected weekend. Met up with a group of friends as we went to a cottage up north, played drinking games, and had good, great, memorable drunken times.

Lil life update for ya. Natalie and I have begun to talk again. We’ve both realized a lot in our previous relationship and currently right now are taking things much more slower and precautiously. It’s interesting enough to say the least, but I’m happy right now and maybe we’ll be able to get through. It’s a crazy world out there and the shit that happens, but like they say, everything happens for a reason.

So its Wednesday and Friday is the last day of the semester. I’m really getting close now! Less than 2 years left and I’ll have my lil degree. Kick ass! Friday is the TSO concert that is gonna be so bad ass…I can’t wait. It was amazing last year and it’s only gonna get better this year, perfect time for the holidays!

Other than all that I’ve been kicking out mad hours on my new website that made its debut last week. I’ve added much more content to it as I will be in the time to come. Remember to keep checking back to it and the guestbook is there for comments.

Ayite thats all I really have to update, I could elaborate everything that’s happen over the past week, but I figured the summary I gave fills you in enough…time to go work more on my website and get some studying set for my exams.


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eh well atleast u and natalie are talking again…hopefully it doesnt go back into the shitter with other guys around and stuff…eh i dunno!

relationships suck at times

so u back being boyfriend and girlfriend?

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