Christmas Party!

Lets see well last friday I had a Calc test and then I decided to leave home early and I suprised Sarah and picked her up from school. I took her to her flute practice and which I went out and got her christmas gift. It’s a……..oh wait I can’t write that here. Guess yur gonna have to wait til christmas to find out!! Anyways later that nite we went bowling for Angela’s b-day, some fun stuff! Saturday I didnt do much, I spent most of the day cleaning up my room. Then Sarah and went shopping for family christmas gifts. It was a long day. After I help Sarah and her family bring home their christmas tree. Then we were gonna go 2 shannon’s, but Sarah didnt feel to well so I went and them damn bastards didn’t save me any pizza!! So I left. On Sunday we went to the Montalbano christmas party at fern hill. Fun stuff, but again I had to leave the party and come back to muhh school. I had a mega chem exam 2 day in which I spent my time studying. I think I did fairly well!! I hope so, I really need this like whooahh for a passing grade! And I got my Calc test back today, a big 90!! HELL YA!!! I’m happy, I think I’m gonna pass this class for good now. All that I have left is next week…..EXAMS!! Well I best be goin. I’m gonna chill. I need a break. Be back lata for another update!


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