Lazy Weekend

Well there wasn’t much to say about this weekend. Spent most of it just chillin. On friday I came home a wee bit earlier than normal and went Joe Dumars for volleyball and Michelle P.’s birthday. Then after we went to Joe’s Crab Shack. Volleyball was fun and so was Joe’s. After we went back to Matt Muir’s for a lil while. But Sarah and I went back early and we just hung out at her house for a while and watched While You Were Sleeping. On Saturday I spent most of the day with Rachel. I took her to Best Buy to get her new hardware for her computer. So I spent most of the makin her computer sweet. I added a 40 gig hard drive, a ATI All-in-Wonder Radeon graphics card, and 256 megs of RAM. Its sweet now! For the rest of the day we just laid around. Sarah and I rented Legally Blonde and then just laid around some more. Sunday was even a lazier day. I picked up Sarah round 1 and we just slept at my house for hours until I had to come back up to where I am now. So ya it was a wonderful weekend as always. I liked that weekend. But now I’m back in the pandemonium here at KU. So I should get back work, I have alot to accomplish this week. I have only 2 more weeks!! Hell ya! Ayite lata!


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