jmatrone says:

I really liked the “Oasis” one a lot! Have you ever messed around with space scenes, like exploding stars, black holes, etc. I can see you being very good at some thing like that. Let me know if you ever do any work like that, I’d be very interested in taking a peek at it! 😉


papayomomma says:

what’d you use to make them?

admin says:

i use a few programs…but mainly bryce and vue 4. once u get the hang of them and 3-d environments you can created some kick ass scenes….the possibilites are endless

watch the lens flares buddy

admin says:

that was intentional…i added those myself to give it a more realistic look. the whole image is computer generated, it could be perfect if i wanted it too, ya know?

well lens flares are caused by the lens being lined up with the light source
i’m just saying i see lens flares in a lot of work where they are unneccessary
i like the desert one the best, i’d say the glow on the cactus could be dulled down a bit just cause they become the focal point and almost appear a little cut out of the picture. you did a nice job though, the atmospheric perspective is nice and the detail in the rocks=awesome– do you make your own textures at all? or can you? i don’t know much about those programs

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