20 Questions

So have you ever played 20 Questions? With a computer?

Well some genius programmed an artifical intelligence that will ask you 20 questions and guess what object you’re thinking of. It’s quite amazing. Think of an object then play the game. I bet it’ll guess right!
It’s awesome no go play!



hahaha i played with that for like 30 min! i was like how did they know that lol!

admin says:

it’s really quite amazing. it’s a computer program based on the neural-network of the human brain and how we think. the man’s a genius!!

j__lynn says:

wow, that’s intreasting!
how have you bee, it’s been a while-
we shuld hang out and catch up <3

allstarchic says:

lol, that was fun

<3 Beth

admin says:

gotta love us computer programmers…haha….what would u do without us?!

papayomomma says:

proving i am infact smarter than computers,
i beat it 3 times in a row. then it beat me, like 5 times
its is pretty fucking awesome tho.

admin says:

it’s good, damn good…fucking computers…shit too much thinking involved to program that…eff that i’ll stick to my lil follow-up letter processing programming.

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